Small Business Mastermind Groups

Small Business Mastermind Groups

Building Your Business Mastermind Group

Our Stairway to Building Your Business Series offers you a clear step-by-step approach to starting, managing & expanding your enterprise.

Wouldn’t it be helpful, if we could show you how to take your business to then next level?

I joined the mastermind group last year and credit it with propelling my business forward. There were several specific areas that were impacted by being in this group:

  1. I became much more focused on marketing myself and my business. I completely recreated both my personal image and my website giving me a much more professional look.
  2. My e-zine gets compliments from people I am sending it to and has generated both traffic to my website and new business. Through my email marketing plan I generated new business
  3. I am more focused on the success of my business. I had the best month in January of this year, making more in one month than I made all of last year.

If you want to move your self, your business and your sales forward I would recommend you look at forming or joining a mastermind group.

Cram Financial Services
Marc Cram, CFP
Durham, NC

Could you get excited about creating a clear pathway for taking your business beyond your current boundaries?

If so, we recommend that you consider joining one of our master mind groups.  Each group is customized specifically for the members.  They are designed to empower enterprising business people using a collaborative effort of the group members led/manage by one of seasoned business coaches and consultants.

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Could you see the value in joining a group that will help you increase your revenue in the next 30, 60  or 90 days?

Here are a few benefits you can expect from becoming a member of our mastermind group:

  • A clear pathway for taking your business beyond your current boundaries.
  • Become a master at planning & reaching your business goals.
  • Create powerful teams & generate an increase in your overall sales revenue.
  • Transform your current level of power, performance & productivity.
  • Refine your strategies for marketing, delivery & management.
  • Access to better control and management of your enterprise.

The mastermind group is customized specifically for the participants in the group. It is designed to empower enterprising business people using a collaborative effort of the group members led/managed by one of seasoned business coaches and consultants. Over a 2-3 month commitment period, the Master Mind Group Sessions are conducted in a weekly telephone call and/or hands-on meeting.

Here are just a few areas that will get addressed in your mastermind group:

  • Your relationship to the Vision for Your Life & Business
  • Gain more power with the Goals that Fulfill Your Vision
  • Strategically Building Your Networks & Supports Teams
  • Creating/Refining Your Products or Service Offering
  • Writing your Preliminary Business & Operational Plans
  • Streamlining Your Process & Expanding Your Offering

Applying the 4 Critical Steps to Business Success

  • Identify a Need, Desire or Requirement
  • Provide Products or Services That Fulfills It
  • Create a Process and System
  • Streamline the Process and System

Using the 5-Step Approach for Accomplishment

  • Create Your Vision
  • Set the Goals and Objectives
  • Plan Your Work
  • Work Your Plan
  • Evaluate Your Progress

Analyzing the 3 Primary Factors for Increasing Your Sales Revenue

  • Expanding Your Customer/Client Base
  • Increasing the Amount of New Sales, Purchases or Contracts
  • Increasing the Frequency of Repeat Sales, Purchases or Extensions

Implementing the 10 Simple Internet Marketing Strategies for Professionals

  • Select & Research Your Niche Market
  • Content Rich Website/Blog with eCommerce
  • eZines, Newsletters & List Building
  • Digital Product Development (eBooks, Reports, eCourses, Audio/Video, Tools, etc)
  • Article Writing, Publishing & Blogging
  • Teleclasses & Webinars
  • Internet Radio Shows (Host Your Own, Appear as Guest on Others)
  • Membership Services & Other Resources
  • Online Social Networking
  • Strategic Partnerships and Affiliate Programs

Putting It All Together – 12 Ways to Effectively Promote Your Business in 5 hours per week or Less!

  • Identify Your Niche Market & Ideal Client
  • Research & Select Related Keywords & Phrases
  • Create a Series of Articles and/or PodCast/Radio Show Topics
  • Write (1) Related Keyword Focused Article Per Week
  • Post the Article to Your Website or Blog
  • Submit the Article to Article Directories and eZine Publishers
  • Send the Article to Your Subscriber List with Radio Show or PodCast Announcement
  • Discuss Article on Radio Show with Guests & Callers
  • Add Show Link to Article on Your Website or Blog
  • Download Radio Show to Your Archive for Future Use.
  • Promote Your Radio Show & Article Feeds
  • At the end of the series, create eBooks, Special Reports, Audio Programs & Courses.

Are you looking forward to us being able to end your struggle or growing pains and help you create powerful networks that increase your overall revenue & profit?

If the answer is “Yes”, then over a 3-6 month period your mastermind group sessions will be conducted weekly by telephone and /or hands-on meeting.

Here a some of my accomplishments since participating in the Mastermind Group:

  • Refined billing/payment processes to give me greater control over cash flow
  • Developed branding for Davis Consulting & Coaching, LLC (An Xtraordinary Life)
  • Developed core marketing message for Davis Consulting & Coaching, LLC
  • Developed concept for Teleclass and Launched first Teleclass Series
  • Created networking autoresponder campaign & expanded use of BNI as a major networking resource
  • Begin to build comprehensive lead generation system and submitted newsletter article on networking
  • Attended Enlightened Millionaire Retreat
  • Created and published three websites

Davis Coaching & Consulting
Bill Davis –
Raleigh, NC

Don’t you feel that you deserve to have an immediate one stop resource to help you see the end of the tunnel?

Here are the upcoming available mastermind groups:

Current Groups



Time (EST)



Conference Call

8:00am – 9:30am



Conference Call

7:00pm – 8:30pm



Conference Call




Conference Call


Regular Monthly Price – $300 | Special Price $150 (3-mth min.)

How important would it be, if you could get valuable coaching & consulting, gain access to a powerful network of relationships and be confident in achieving business & life goals?

If you are ready to take your business to the next level or

if you are ready to put an end to the struggle/growing pains or

if you are tired of doing it by yourself, then join a mastermind group today!

Click on group #1 or #2 below to get started right now! Save 50% off of our regular plan, now only $150 per month!

For additional questions, please call our office @ 336.790.4123 or 910.728.4545. When you call, also ask about earning a referral fee!

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