How To Sell Anything To Anyone – Funnel Hacking LIVE Stream! 2019

At the 2019 Funnel Hacking Live, Russell Brunson did an in-depth training on what he calls – Hook, Story, Offer!

This particular approach to marketing makes it much easier to sell anything to anyone.

The first 30 minutes or so is about progress and success of the company over the last 3 years. It mostly about how they went from a start-up without venture capital to over 90,000 customers and $300,000,000 in gross revenue.

Starting around 34 minutes in…is the session on Hook, Story, Offer…

I hope that you got as much out of this training as I did! I have already starting applying the concepts in my business. Let me know if you would like my help in applying them in yours. Click here to contact our office!

By the way if you haven’t read the Expert Secrets Book by Russell, then I highly recommend that you do. The core concept that he is talking about in the video is in the book! Click here or on the image below for more information.

Also, if you were inspired by this video and would like to learn more next year’s Funnel Hacking Live in Memphis, Tennessee. I plan on being there and I hope to see ya. Click here or on the image below for more information.

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