The Easiest Way to Write Anything

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You’ve got something to say. You know it. Your associates know it. But you don’t regard yourself as “a writer.” How are you going to express your wisdom? How will you communicate your thoughts? Yes, you can follow the path of J.Paul Getty, Lee Iaccocoa, and Donald Trump and hire someone to write your words. […]

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How To Write A Killer Article In 5 Easy Steps

You may not know it, but you have an easy way to bring targeted traffic to your site. You can write articles for publication in ezines that will continue to bring you traffic to your site long after they appear online. Just think of this as an unstoppable traffic generator for your online business. You […]

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Here’s A Quick And Easy Way To Reach 1000s of Buyers Today

Why do so many internet marketers waste their time on ineffective practices and outmoded techniques that stopped working before the start of the new millennium?

There is one thing that matters (and one thing only) in the realm of internet marketing: Converting the random web surfer into a pre-qualified, pre-sold visitor to your website.

Does Google Adwords pre-sell your visitors? No, not really.
Does your banner on an affiliate website pre-qualify your visitors? No, not really.

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