Creating Your Electronic Newsletters/Ezines

It is very important that you create a process for capturing and contacting your prospective clients. As well as, staying in touch with your current clients.

“54% of small businesses surveyed rated e-mail as the top online promotion to drive site visitors and customers to their web sites and storefronts.”

Since the invention of the internet, communicating by email has been one of the most cost effective ways to stay in contact with your customers and prospects. Even though, we are now dealing with the enormous amount of unsolicited advertising, it is still “King”

By using email to communicate with your customers and prospects, you can really leverage your other marketing strategies and build stronger more personal relationships. Constant contact with your customers builds credibility and loyalty. It doesn’t matter whether you have a contact list of 100 or 10,000 or 100,000. The cost of delivering your message electronically is very low.

Electronic Newsletters and eZines are a very powerful way to grow your business using internet marketing technology. Building an email list of your clients and prospects is one of the most cost effective ways to drive potential buyers to your website and increase your revenue.

I recommend that you send out at least two messages per month filled with articles, client stories, useful tips, coupons, special promotions, etc.

In the event, that you decide to send out more than two messages per month, make it a point to provide them something with substance and value. Something that will make a difference from them….Something that inspires or motivates or empowers them.

Otherwise, you run the risk of losing your subscribers!

When designing your newsletter or ezine, be sure create a balance of valuable content and promotions. If you fill it with too many ads or promotional material, your subscribers will stop reading your message and in some cases unsubscribe altogether.

Every business needs to communicate with their customers and prospects, and any business can get results quickly, easily and cost effectively using permission-based email marketing.

Another key element to using newsletters and ezines is to make it easy for people to subscribe. There are a wide variety of using sign-in boxes. Some people use pop-ups or pop-overs.

Typically, I include a simple sign-up or opt-in box near the top left or right side of the homepage. In some cases, I even include it on every page.

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