Website Design, Layout & Content Development Tips

The fundament purpose of your website is to market your products / services and be a centralized resource for your clients and prospects. It is also created to serve as your virtual sales team and administrative assistant.

Let’s start with your website design and layout. It should be clean, simple and loads quickly. It should also be eye-catching with a well-defined color scheme, layout design and professional looking graphics. If you chose to use the WordPress Publishing Platform, then it may be much easier to find a theme/template that you can use for a professional look and feel.

In addition to a great design and layout, your Navigation Menu must be easy to use and flow from page to page. Depending on the theme that I’m using, I’ll use a navigation menu bar near the top of the page and another down the left or right side. This makes it easier for your visitors to move through your website.

Here are a few of website projects to give you a better idea of what I mean:

Now let’s move on to the actual webpage content. Here are the basic pages and functions that you need to create an effective website.

  • Home Page – Welcome or Sales Letter Page for Your Website
  • Our Services – Describes Your Services and How to Hire Your Company
  • Workshops/Seminars – Overview of Your Promo and Advance Workshops
  • Free Report(s) – Detailed Description and Benefits of Your Special Report
  • Online Store – Describes Your Products and How to Place an Order
  • Resource Center – Articles/Blogs, Recommended Books, Useful Tools, etc.
  • Our Story – Overview of Your History, Experience, Vision & Mission
  • Referral Programs – Detailed Description of Your Referral Program
  • Contact Us – Telephone#, Fax#, Mailing Address & Online Contact Form
  • Integrated Functions – Online Payments, Forms & List Management
  • Basic SEO Strategies – Keywords, RSS Feeds & Social Networking
  • Website Statistics – Traffic, Impressions, Sales, Subscribers & Analytics

What I’m sharing with you is not the end-all to content development, it’s just the beginning. It’s a foundation for you to use to get started and build on as your grow and prosper.

If you are looking for additional support with designing and developing your website, please contact us at the following link:

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